About Us

Ra Kennels - Lagrangeville, New York

A native of the Albany, New York area, Nikki Gullinese - Pompilio learned at an early age that she had a strong love of animals, especially cats & dogs. As years passed, Nikki became more involved with dogs, and she became acutely recognized for her uncanny ability to communicate well with them.

Starting with game dogs, Nikki has spent the last 10 years combining her dog training skills with a strong Astrological presence. Her breeding program is influenced by the positions of the moon while calculating the Math, Science and Synestry in conjunction with advanced pedigree research and other proprietary methods for every individual breeding.

At Ra Kennels, our breeds of choice are the Belgian Malinoise and Dutch Shepherd. They are extremely versatile working breeds and the choice of most Military, Police and Security dog trainers. Ra Kennels passion is to provide our clients with the highest quality Malinoise or Dutchie. Our knowledge and experience of these breeds enables us to provide clients the highest quality of puppies or trained young adults.

We sometimes have young adults who are better suited as household pets / special needs service dogs (ADD / ADHD / Anxious or Only Child), that are offered for public adoption at fees ranging from $1500 - $5,000. Our dogs that are offered to the public are between the ages of 12 - 36 months.

All applicants must submit a completed adoption application. We will contact you once the paperwork is processed to advise you of our results.

Be advised that we will not ship to new adoptive houses. Selected adopted houses must be willing to drive to our headquarters in Lagrangeville, New York to pick up your dog.

We are not the largest kennel who sells the most puppies, but rather a smaller private kennel who have one litter yearly of the "Best of the Best"!

I endure in order to love transcending loyalty I seal the process of heart with the cosmic tone of presence I am guided by the power of timelessness