Personal Protection

Ra Kennels - Belgian Malinoise and Dutch Shepherd - Personal Protection

RA Kennels dogs are regularly utilized for Military, Police, Personal Protection, Certified Service Dog, Dog Sports, or just an obedient pet and companion.

Ra Kennels breeds and trains Protection Dogs that are the highest caliber of quality in the the personal protection dog industry. Our expertise in the Belgian Malinoise and Dutch Shepherd breeds, and expert personal protection training and obedience delivers a dog that will allow you to feel safe and protected in any environment or application.

The Belgian Malinois possess strength, agility, and a level of intelligence that affords you the piece of mind when it comes to personal protection. They are typically utilized for executive protection, K9 security, military, and home/personal protection applications .

Our Dutch Shepherds are a versatile, intelligent,and intuitive breed. Paired with proper training, they are a family-oriented dog that is the perfect choice to protect you and your loved ones. They are a sought-after protection dog breed utilized by police, military, search & rescue, and counter-terrorism operations.